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  • WALK WITH US ALONG THE ROMAN WALLS In 271 d.C. the Alemanni invaded Italy, defeating the Roman army in Piacenza and moving forward Rome. The Emperor Aurelian organized an immediate defense strategy and succeeded in defeating the barbarian troops near Pavia. The threat of new invasions was becoming more concrete. Rom... [READ ALL]

  • TOUR OF THE BATH OF CARACALLA The Thermae Antonianae, one of the largest and best preserved examples of an ancient spa complex, was constructed under the auspices of the Emperor Caracalla in the southern part of the city. The building was finished in 216 A.D. The spa itself was not simply a place for bathing, sport ... [READ ALL]

  • Ostia Antica: a nice half day trip from the centre of Rome Discover the former harbor city of Ancient Rome on a 4-hour coach tour to the ruins of Ostia Antica, and learn what everyday life must have been like in a commercial and military seaport of the Ancient Rome, away from the monuments of central Rome. You will explore the ruins of the ... [READ ALL]

  • THE QUEEN OF ROAD The Via Appia Antica , ancient Rome's "Queen of Roads," is the reason we say all roads lead to Rome. Engineered in the 5th century B.C., it was the widest and largest road of its time.  In its heyday this avenue spanned some 330 miles, running from Rome to the port of... [READ ALL]

  • PALATINE HILL IN ROME: DISCOVER THE LEGENDS AND ARCHEOLOGICAL RUINS OF ANCIENT ROME. EMPEROR PALACES AND TALES OF ROMULUS AND REMUS WAIT YOU!!  The Palatine is the most famous of Rome’s seven hills. In Ancient Rome it was considered one of the most desirable neighborhood in the city, and was the home of aristocrats and emperors.The Palatine was desirable for a number of reasons – the mythical as... [READ ALL]

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