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  • ART AND TASTE: EATING BUFFALO MOZZARELLA Discover the Amaseno Valley, just right outside Rome, with 4.000 resident people and 14.000 “resident” buffalos!  During the morning you’ll have the chance to visit the Fossanova Abbey, considered the original model for the gothic Cistercian architecture in Ital... [READ ALL]

  • ARCHEOLOGIST FOR ONE DAY Become protagonist of “A journey through time” with the experience promoted by the Centre of experimental Archaeology: for all those who want to be captured by the charming history of archaeology. This centre is located in the suggestive and uncontaminated countryside in the... [READ ALL]

  • YOUNG ITINERARIES Itineraries dedicated to the youngest ones, to those who feel always young, to those who have the music in their hearts, then and today… Because, after dedicating an entire day to the beauties of Art, there’s always a wonderful night waiting for you to have fun in the most ... [READ ALL]

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